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50 Cent visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he shared a story about the time that fellow rapper Snoop Dogg stole his car.

The pair appeared on stage together at the Barclays Center for the 2019 Masters of Ceremony concert. But 50 said, when he went to get his custom-made Versace Lamborghini, it had vanished!

"I had more to do so he left and I continued to perform. When I came off, I was wet so I was wiped off and everything and got dressed. Then I came out and the car was gone," he told Colbert.

"He went walked by the car saw the car and got —I dont know if it was jealous feelings or something—but he actually went to the car and got in the car because the keys are in there because we parked inside the Barclays. And the guy who was supposed to be like the valet parker, I was like 'Where'd the car go?' he said 'Snoop took the car.'"

The King troll said that Snoop took the car as payment for his performance.