50 Cent: One Of My Enemies Is Accused Of Beating Ashanti's Sister!


Rapper 50 Cent is speaking out, about allegations that one of his enemies - entertainment and fashion mogul Windsor "Slow Bucks" Lubin assaulted Ashanti's sister, MTO News has learned.

Ashanti and her sister Shia took to Instagram yesterday and posted a video suggesting that Shia was assaulted in a previous relationship. Ashanti even showed graphic images of her sister's bruises. Here's the video, we warn you it contains GRAPHIC content.

Once the video leaked, people began speculating that the man who beat Shia, was her longtime boyfriend and former fiance Slow Bucks.

Slow Bucks and 50 Cent are enemies. The two fell out a few years ago when Slow made disparaging comments about 50 during an interview.

That was a big mistake. Because 50 later allegedly had Slowbucks jumped on stage - in the middle of a 50 Cent concert, and in front of 50,000 fans. 

Slowbucks was embarrassed publicly, and his career began to spiral downward after the conflict with 50.

And you know 50 - he's not about to get off his enemy's neck.

Last night 50 Cent commented on the allegations that Slow may have beaten Shia. His comment has since gone viral. Look: