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50 Cent is not getting over Nick Cannon's beef with Eminem, going as far as to say that Nick Cannon is unworthy of any response to his recent diss track because he's "been corny forever."

Last week, Cannon revealed that his part of his track, "Used To Look Up To You," was aimed at 50, and not as most people thought.

During a visit to The Breakfast Club, 50 shared why Cannon will never get a response on a record from him:

"I would never respond to Nick Cannon. The cameras are on, right?" 50 said into the camera. "He's legendary corny. He's been corny forever. Like, forever, from the very beginning. I thought at one point he was headed somewhere that was like in the Will Smith-ish because of his comedy stuff like that, and then he just never got to his destination. He just never got cool."

But Fif says he thinks he knows why Cannon is going at him and Em:

"I look at it like he's trying to build energy for a show," 50 continued. "He has the talk show and the radio show and stuff. So I wouldn't just punch him in the face if I saw him, because I know what that is. I know what you're trying to do."