Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson rarely gives public affection towards the women in his life - but his new girlfriend Jamira is different, and special.

50 was in Camden, New Jersey yesterday, to give out school supplies to inner city children in need. The rapper spent tens of thousands of dollars, to make sure that the children had all the school supplies that they needed for the first day of school.

And he chose to give back to Camden - because that's where his girlfriend Jamira has lived most of her life. 

And she had something special going on in New Jersey yesterday also.

You see while 50 was giving back to the community, Camden was giving a commendation to Jamira for all her accomplishments. The beautiful model currently attends Rutgers Law School, and is studying corporate law.

Here's what she wrote:

And here are the pics and video of 50 kissing his girlfriend, and supporting her as she got her award:

Last week 50 Cent brought his new love interest - Jamira - to the Power Premiere and to his Tycoon Pool party. It's a pretty big deal for 50 to bring a girl to an event with him - so she's gotta be something special to the mogul. She went on Instagram yesterday to tell the world how happy she is - and to thank people for supporting her new relationship.