50 Cent: It's Time To Take A Break From IG!!

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50 Cent has announced that he will be taking a break from Instagram after one of his posts was reported for bullying and harassment.

Fifty posted a young woman wearing a thong bikini bending over while sitting on the ground. Fif says he is confused as to why this particular post was flagged.

"I don't understand this, why am i getting this? it says the post is removed for bullying but the post is still on my page. ok time to take a break from IG," he wrote.

The announcement comes less than a week after the rapper claimed that his account has been shadowbanned by Instagram.

"I have been shadow banned this page has been stuck at 25 million for a year. Smh 😏but i'm every where so i don't care," he wrote at the time.

Despite his remarks, he continued to post on Instagram and has not actually taken a break.