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50 Cent is planning on delivering the DEATH BLOW to rival rapper Ja Rule - by buying the rights to all his music.

The rapper/mogul is reported to be currently in talks to purchase the masters and publishing to all of Ja Rule's hit records.

According to online reports, 50 Cent is closing in on buying all of the masters and publishing rights to multiple hit records that Ja made during his heyday. 

There's no word yet on price, but online reports say that Curtis Jackson may pay as much as 7 figures for the songs. The report claims that 50 is negotiating directly with with Def Jam, which owns the rights to most of Ja Rule's music.

If 50 is successful in the purchase, 50 will receive royalties every time that Ja Rule's classic records get a streamed or sold. Additionally, Ja Rule could have to pay 50 Cent every time he performs one of the songs in public - and that includes in concert.

This isn't the first time that 50 used his fortune to HIT BACK at his longtime rival Ja Rule. Last week 50 told fans that he was buying 200 front row tickets, in order to ensure that Ja Rule’s show would be empty.