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50 Cent: I'd Like To Forget The G-Unit!!

50 Cent sat down for a recent interview where he confessed that he'd like to forget about his rap group, G-Unit.

"I don't care to do that," 50 replied to DJ Whoo Kid, who asked him whether he'd be interested in creating a television series around the group. "I'd like to forget the G-Unit."

Whoo Kid told Fif he should consider doing it for the fans... but the rapper did not have a change of heart.

"Kendrick [Lamar] doesn't even let those [TDE] boys come on stage with him," he said. "I could have did that! What the f*ck I'm bringing thirty n*ggas on the stage for? I could have did it like Kendrick."

The group has dispersed after several members left. 50 is not on the best of terms with the rapper -- especially Young Buck, who he frequently feuds with on social media. The pair are reportedly in legal proceedings. Fif is suing him and Buck says he doesn't have it.