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50 Cent: I Ran From The Police In A Dress & A Wig!!

During his interview with Young Money Radio host Lil Wayne, 50 Cent once detailed a time he had to evade the cops while wearing a dress and a wig.

"Look at this. One time, these n*ggas chased me on a motorcycle. They thought I killed two girls in Bricktown, right? [Tony] Yayo will never let me forget this sh*t, right? I run from these n*ggas so hard, Wayne, these n*ggas had helicopters, dogs, everything. Lost them n*ggas. I got outta there. I had on my grandmother's dress and sh*t like that, wig and sh*t," he explained.

"I went past, got into a cab and went to Sunrise Movie Theater," he continued. "I call home, I said, 'Ma, everything alright?' She said, 'No, don't you come here.' It was so many muthaf*ckin' police around there. She said, 'No, don't you come here.' I said, 'You alright?' She said, 'No, don't you come here.' I said, 'Oh sh*t, I'm in real trouble.' They was chasing me like I killed two girls in Bricktown. I didn't kill -- the bikes came all the same color. The same kind that year, they all had the same f*ckin' combination. So, the n*gga looking at me like, he ran so hard. Why did you run so hard?"

Watch the interview below.