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Rapper 50 Cent flexed his acting skills during his recent induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- saying that he faked emotions during his speech because he was unprepared.

Usually, for such a big moment, celebs would have a speech written or rehearsed, but 50 says he winged it, feigning emotion to elicit a few "cool points," he told the ladies of The View.

"I was working on that... to be emotional -- And when I got there, I knew that when I was really under pressure, that I should just (pause and pretend to take a few breaths) -- and I knew that that would give me just a little bit of cool points for getting emotional at that point."

"I look at this like a lifetime achievement award," 50 Cent said during his speech. "It's cool. They'll give me more. I know they'll give me a lifetime achievement award because I'm not done, you know what I'm saying? So I'll be back, like, they got to save space for me down the street."