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50 Cent is dragging Rick Ross back into court over a lost appeal for his hit single, "In Da Club."

We knew that when Rozay remarked that he would not work with Fif because the rapper did not "add any value," that 50 was quietly working on some payback. His petty game is like no other.

Well, according to new legal documents obtained by AllHipHop, 50 Cent's lawyers claim Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, unlawfully exploited Fif's name and voice by including his hook on the remix. 

50 tried to sue Rozay who used 2003's hit "In Da Club" as a remix on his 2015 mixtape Renzel Remixes Project, but a judge did not agree with his argument and instead dismissed the lawsuit because unfortunately, the rapper does not control the copyright or the master recordings to "In Da Club," which are owned by Shady Records.

50 is now appealing the decision.

"Mr. Jackson does not challenge the unauthorized use of his voice in a purely entertainment work," 50's lawyer Frederick A. Braunstein said, according to the outlet. "He challenges the unauthorized use of his voice as part of an advertisement for a collateral product, Black Market, for which he has no connection to whatsoever".