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50 Cent Drags Kareem Abdul-Jabbar While Recalling First Meeting

50 Cent hopped on Instagram to recall the first time he met NBA legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- but he does not recall the memory with a great deal of fondness.

“Yo i was in the airport one time, i looked i said oh sh*t that’s Kareem abdujabar,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of the famed baller. “I went and said what’s up, he looked at me like i was crazy, I said oh sh*t well f*ck you then, you old ass n*gga I don’t give a f*ck about a sky hook n*gga, n*ggas been trying to kill me shh***t f*ck you. I was mad i said something to his ass.”

At the beginning of the year, 50 vowed to be on his best behavior, but his unprovoked trolling ways have continued.

He has already beefed with Irv Gotti, his son and plenty other celebs. Is this rant at Abdul-Jabbar a step too far?