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50 Cent Doesn't Think TI's Got 5 Classics!!

50 Cent has been avoiding T.I's Verzuz challenge, and recently, he scoffed at the claim that the southern emcee has five classics -- implying he's not a big enough artist to go up against him.

During Fat Joe's Joprah Show, he spoke to T.I. about his catalog and a potential showdown with Fif.

"Before I talked to you today, I listened to both y'all's sh*t and let me tell you something, 50 Cent has some sh*t."

Tip responded, "I love 50! That whole album [2003's Get Rich Or Die Tryin'] was jammin'. The whole album, top to bottom. How many songs on that album? About 15? It is a classic album. It is. Even the intro. Everything. Classic. Bro, I got five classics, three if you're being conservative. I have five classics."

Fif reposted the tweet, “The man said he got 5 classics. it’s too early i’m going back to sleep," he wrote.

Is he right?