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50 Cent continues to be messy and is dragging Ciara into his strip club beef with Bow Wow, by asking whether Bow called his ex a "b*tch".

In Bow's video, he is seen counting out the $1000 that 50 Cent says that Bow stole from him in the strip club. Bow Wow states that he was getting both money and b*tches way before 50 was ever poppin' (which to his credit, is true) - but Fif used his words to imply that he was shading Ciara, who dated them both in the past.

"Movie money before him, Tv money before him, b*tches before him 🤔did he just call @Ciara a b*tch. 😟she’s not gonna like this, but give @antthaladiesman the money,😠and don’t be ever doing sh*t behind my back again.#lecheminduroi #bransoncognac"

Bow denied ever taking his money, but if he's offering to pay it back - is he admitting that he did leave the club with Fofty's cash?