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50 Cent is currently on a promotional tour for his new show For Life, and while visiting Cigar Talk, he opened up about accusations made by both Meek Mill and French Montana that he is a snitch and a police informant - but 50 says he's unbothered because it's not true.

"That's the era where n*ggas get knocked, and they just go, 'Give me my time. I don't give a f*ck what you talkin' 'bout,'" he said speaking about street code in the 90s. "They ain't tellin' on nobody, 'cause if you tellin', you can't even look forward to going home. Where you going after you get out? The neighborhood ain't accepting that. 'B*tch ass n*gga, we heard you a rat.'"

According to 50, if he were a snitch, the streets would not embrace him.

"They say these things when they want to tell, even for me personally, they tried to attack my character. They say, 'He a rat, or he this and that.' All you gotta do is ask them who I told on. I ain't never told on no n*gga in my life. In the Preme situation, it'll tell you who told on him. My name ain't in that case, but they talking 'bout that I needed an order of protection. Why it feels like I'm the bully out here, then?... You needed protection, n*gga. And your protection gone. That's the truth."

He then names both rappers directly:

"You heard it when Meek was talkin' sh*t, and you heard it with French. I don't take offense to it when they doin' it, because I know what they doin'. I take offense to where it started. You never see, let Jimmy Henchman tell you I'm a snitch... Jimmy been snitchin' since 1942."