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Sunday night was the premiere of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's new season of Power. The show was watched by nearly  million people - and the reviews for the premiere were overwhelmingly positive.

But there was one little bit of controversy. You see, 50 changed the show's opening song - he replaced Joe's version of the Power Theme song . . .. with one sang by R&B singer Trey Songz.

Trey's version of the Power theme song is good - but it's very different from the one that fans are used to hearing. And some Power viewers are complaining.

50 Cent - who is the show's executive producer and creator - told his social media fans that he is mulling over the idea of going back to Joe's old theme.

But what would it take to revert to Joe's version of the song? Well more than you think.

MTO News reached out to a network veteran who explained what steps would have to be taken. The insider explained, "If they changed the theme, they would have to re-edit and possibly re-shoot the entire opening sequence."

The network pro continued, "It would take weeks to do."

So whatever 50 Cent eventually decides - we should prepare for at least one more week of Trey Songz' Power theme song.