King of trolling, 50 Cent, has revealed that he has had enough of being trolled over his new Power theme song, and will bring back the original version next week.

"My IG has been disabled because I'm tired of ya mouth," he wrote via his social media. "I don't like the sh*t you been saying to me about the theme song. So I'm gone for the weekend. I'll change it next week. leave me alone fool."

Fans were not happy when 50 changed Joe's upbeat theme song for Trey Songz' slow jam-esque remix. Comedians have been trashing the new version online, and even Joe weighed in on the issue.

"All in favor say I!" he wrote in the caption. "FANS HAVE A LOT OF #power! Ya'll are amazing!" he said, adding, "We made a classic!"

50 buckled under the pressure. Are y'all pleased he's bringing the old theme song back or should he have stood by Trey?