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Snoop Dogg may be regretful of his words towards CBS news anchor, Gayle King, but 50 Cent is doubling down on his criticism, accusing her of exploiting Kobe Bryant's death for ratings.

"You had a criminal situation that went away, right? And ten years to talk about it—nobody talked about it. The man passes away, and you want to talk about that while..." 50 Cent told Ebro.

Before the Lisa Leslie interview, 50 Cent had already aired his issues with Gayle King and her close friend, Oprah Winfrey, accusing them of attacking Black men accused of sexual assault - but never white men.

50 says King's questions were just to get ratings up.

"For what? For ratings? I just didn't think that was cool, that's all ... What they're feeling now -- that backlash -- it's not what from I said, not from what Snoop said, not from Boosie or anybody else that was supporting him [said]. It's just people are stronger in their absence than in their presence."