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50 Cent turned his attention to Lord Jamar after the 'Brand Nubian' emcee dissed Eminem in a recent interview.

"Lord Jerome better sit his ass down, 🤨I thought you died already N*gga. Get the f*ck outta here 🤔you ain’t Grand Puba anyway. I’m gonna need a bum ass n*gga in one of my shows.I’ll be reaching out shortly. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac" he wrote on Instagram with a picture of Jamar with the words 'Clout Chaser' written across it in red.

His post was in response to an interview where Jamar called Em "wack" and claimed that Black people do not listen to his music.

“But, when we go into every day life of black people, people who are the originators of this sh*t, we don’t f*cking listen to Eminem. We don’t listen to Eminem. We don’t go to the gym and turn on Eminem. We don’t listen to him on the way to the club. We don’t play him in the club … now, corny places I can’t speak for that," he said.

Jamar has not yet responded to Fofty.