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New York City is about to be lit today - 50 Cent is throwing his Tycoon Pool Party - which he's been heavily promoting online for weeks now.

According to celebrities, and people on Instagram - it's supposed to be the hottest pool party of the season. Tons of prominent people will be there - including 50 Cent, Trey Songz, the cast of the TV show Power, Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap and more.

But one person that will NOT be there is rapper Shad "Bow Wow" Moss. 50 banned Bow Wow. The mogul claims that the last time they went out together - Bow Wow stole money that was meant for strippers.

At first it seemed like 50 was just joking with Bow Wow. 

But yesterday, Bow Wow's friend Trey Songz went on 50s page to make sure that 50 was serious about his pal being banned. And 50 confirmed that the pint sized actor is really banned from the pool party.



The former child rap star was one of 50 Cent’s celebrity guests at gentlemen’s club called Allure earlier this summer. A post on 50’s blog site claims that he provided many of his celebrity friends—including Bow Wow—with stacks of $1 bills to rain on the dancers. But the Grammy-winning rapper went on social media Wednesday and accused Bow Wow of going home with a good deal of the money provided to him at the party.

“We came there like this, Bow wow stealing ones why the fuck you ain’t throw that to the dancers. you better get me the fucking money by Monday,” 50 tweeted along with a video of a fat stack of bills at Allure.