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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian brought their adorable five year old daughter to church yesterday. And now folks on social media are commenting on the little girl's "makeup."

North was photo'd at church wearing lipstick and nail polish. The shade of lipstick (black) matched her dress perfectly.

But some on social media are claiming that it appears that North is wearing more than just lipstick. Some say that the five year old appears to be wearing some type of foundation also.

In a new clip of the Sunday choir having an outdoor sing-along to Kanye's "Lift Yourself," the rapper refocuses his attention on North. Leaning down, he sings his infamous "poopy-di scoop" verse, and an apparently amused North takes off dancing. 

Here's Kim's tweet:

Here are the pics:


Kim Kardashian has spoken out previously about allowing her children to wear makeup. She told a magazine that she didn't see anything wrong with her child experimenting with makeup - even at age 3.