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A 5 year old boy in Columbus, Ohio is recovering in the hospital, after his father told police he received Halloween Candy - laced with METH.

Braylen Carwell is currently recovering in the hospital after his father claims he was poisoned - by Halloween candy tainted with meth.

Doctors tested Braylyn and confirmed that the boy was poisoned with methamphetamine.

His father, Cambray Carwell, told police that he took Braylen and his siblings trick-or-treating, according to a police report. When they got home, Cambray claims the children removed their costumes – and Braylen “fell over having a seizure of some sort.”

Police say that Braylen had only eaten a couple pieces of candy, and they are not sure which one he ate.

Carwell said he threw the candy into the trash, and police drove to the father's house to book the child's Halloween haul into evidence. Carwell and Pence did not immediately return calls from The Washington Post seeking comment.

No one has been arrested in the drugging, and investigators have not identified a suspect, police told The Washington Post.