5 People Overdosed . . On Just One BLOCK IN THE BRONX, NY!! (Graphic Video)

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New York City is facing a drug epidemic like the city has never seen before. But it's not the OPIOD epidemic that you read about in the news just about every day. New York's epidemic is with the synthetic drug K2.

K2 - or synthetic weed - has been causing devastation in Black and Latino communities all over the country. And yesterday, the depth of the problem was visible on just one block in the Bronx.

A video showed 5 people overdosed from smoking K2 on a single block. The video shows the men's bodies littered all over the block. And the woman video'ing the incident pointed out that they all smoked K2, that they purchased from a local BODEGA (or convenience store).

Here is the video - WARNING it is graphic

This time, five men were transported to Woodhull Medical Center for treatment, according to police.

"It's always around. You can probably smell it right now," one man said near the corner.

That corner is often referred to as "Zombieland" by neighbors. They say it's common to see people slumped over and high on the illegal synthetic street drug also known as Spice.

"Every day, I bike out here and run and work out," neighbor Garrett Uddin said. "At 7-8 in the morning, when people are commuting to work, there's people strung out on K2 on the corner."

In May at the same intersection, more than 100 people overdosed on K2 in the span of one weekend. Police later seized about a thousand packets of the drug and made more than 80 arrests. In June, two others were filmed on subway tracks after one admitted he had been high on Spice.