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Website Allows EXHAUSTED MOMS To Vent Their THOUGHTS Anonymously . . . Wow . . . Do Most Moms Think CRAZY ISH LIKE THIS???

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There's a website called - allows women to have a site where they anonymously post their thoughts. It's a place for moms to vent.

Well we looked at some of the "venting" that the moms were doing, and GEEZUS - it's some wild and sad stuff.

The crazy thing is that most of the particularly OUTRAGEOUS posts - are "liked" by hundreds who often say "me too."

Here are some of the comments found on the site:

My two kids have been with their dad for a month over summer and I haven't missed them once.

I'm not attracted to my husband at all.

I seriously question why I had children. I thought I would be a great mom. I thought I would enjoy it more than dread it. I was so wrong.

I love my oldest and youngest more than my middle two. Sometimes, I wish I could send them to live with their dad.

I am jealous of my husband losing lots of weight and gaining muscle. I am still fat and I eat cuz I am stressed about it. Sex is great though ; )

I dream about my life without my husband and can’t wait to divorce him. I am just waiting to finish school for the free childcare.

I’m 32 and a grandma.

14 yo daughter woke up this morning and decided she was 20 and that I’m the evil oppressor. fukking bytch, I almost yelled I should’ve got the abortion! Can’t wait til she’s gone.

I resent that my husband is a better parent than me.

My husband told me he was suicidal last night and blamed it on me.

Our baby was up late last night. Moved her into our bed this morning so we could sleep in and snuggle as a family ... Husband is downstairs watching porn I can hear it through his Bluetooth headphones he’s left on our bedside table.