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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tamar Braxton And Vince . . . Are Back TOGETHER . . . This Is Just TOO MESSY!!!


Tamar Braxton and husband Vince Hebert are BACK TOGETHER, and we have proof of it.

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This past weekend was a MESS - with Tamar exploding on Vince PUBLICLY - and claiming that he was having RELATIONS with Basketball Wives star Laura Govan.

Tamar also claims that Vince is having a baby - and she had him arrested on Christmas Day.

But even with all that, they're BACK TOGETHER. The Queen's Court's Khia and her co-host Ts Madison were Tamar and Vince's GUESTS at last night's concert.

And Ts Madison just confirmed, that they're together:


Here they are at Tamar's show:

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