MTO SHOCKER: Whitney Houston's Nephew Is SNITCHING . . . Revealing ALL THE FAMILY TEA!! (Wow . . . Pat Houston . . . Is Messed Up)


Whitney Houston's nephew (John Houston) starts his letter posting this rant from Pat Houston in which Pat Houston says some really disparaging things about Whitney and Bobbi Kristina. You should listen for yourself though because it's truly vile.

In the video Pat Houston basically brags about creating relevance for herself and makes comparisons to herself and Michelle Obama. "... I walked out there like Michelle Obama." She says her daughter was more educated than Bobbi Kristina and she invested in her daughter's education. She says too bad that Whitney and Bobby Brown didn't care about Bobbi Kristina's education because she only had a 7th-grade education.

At the end of the video John posts text messages (I don't know who he was responding to) but they talk about Cissy being sick and how Pat has been feeding Cissy lies.