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Blac Chyna Shows Off Her BRAND New TATTOO . . . She May Have Finally OVERDID IT . . . With All Those TATTOOS!! (9 PICS)

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Rob Kardashian's babys mama has a bunch of tats on her body. Now she got another:

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The former Angela Kardashian had a snake added to her floral body tattoo. It's very cute.

Here's her new tat:

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Here's a list of Black Chyna's other tats:

1. watermelon, writing on her hip
2. watermelon on her stomach
3. swirl, tribal design on her lower back
4. flower, lily, swirl on her thigh
5. chrysanthemum, flower on her side
6. butterfly, flower on her foot
7. name, tribal design on the back of her hand
8. butterfly, cherry blossom, flower, leaf on her foot
9. flower, leaf on her calf
10. tribal design on the back of her hand
11. flower, leaf on her hip
12. chrysanthemum, flower on her lower back
13. butterfly, flower, leaf, lily on her side
14. writing on her elbow