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MTO News confirmed last week that Diddy and Steve Harvey's daughter Lori were a couple - now we have pics that leave NO DOUBT that the two are dating.

Yesterday, 49 year old entertainment mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs was spotted out on a date with Steve's 22 year old step-daugther Lori Harvey.

The two lovebirds were spotted strolling around New York's Soho neighborhood wearing matching striped outfits.

Afterwards, the couple returned to the Crosby St hotel - where they're sharing a luxury suite together.


According to Hollywood Life:

Fans reacted online to the news that Diddy may be dating his son’s ex-girlfriend. One fan said, “Lori Harvey out here taking strolls with Diddy like she wasn’t dating Justin not too long ago.” Another person commented, “Wait Diddy & Lori Harvey dating? I’m uncomfortable.” And someone else remarked, “I CANNOT believe Diddy is dating Lori. I am so disgusted wtf. It doesn’t matter if Justin even blessed it. What is that?? :/”


Diddy has a reputation of dating young women - for decades - and never marrying them. His last relationship, with R&B singer Cassie, lasted for more than 10 years - and ended without Diddy ever formally committing to her.

So what does Steve think about a nearly 50 year old man dating his step-daughter - well Diddy is about to find out.

As MTO News reported yesterday, Steve and Diddy will be having a man-to-man conversation this weekend. Steve, we're told, wants to discuss Diddy's intentions with Lori.