MTO SHOCK PICS: Female Rapper Da Brat Lost ALL HER EDGES . . . Now Her Hairline . . . Is In UTTER SHAMBLES!! (PICS)


According to the blog Sandra Rose, Da Brat lost most of her hair - and her edges are in SHAMBLES.

Here's what she says:

On Thursday, the “Funkdafied” rapper-turned-reality TV star took to her Instagram account to complain bitterly about a botched hair weave job that left her nearly bald.

“In my last posts my hair was crochet locs. But unfortunately, they were put in poorly and unprofessionally as I sat from 10am to 8pm getting my hair done. Then as I took them out I realized my own hair had been CUT to prevent it from poking out of the crochet locs that were already pretwisted. NOT A HAPPY MOMENT.”

Fortunately, Atlanta stylist Sunshine came to the rescue and saved Brat’s ‘do. Sunshine specializes in Crochet braids, Wavy Locs and Goddess Locs at her Atlanta salon.

Brat praised Sunshine for saving her ‘do, but it will be awhile before her hair grows back.

This is what she used to look like:

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Look at the edges:

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