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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Kandi Burress Just Spilled The TEA On Cynthia's New 'RELATIONSHIP' . . . She's PAYING Will Jones . . . To Be A 'FAKE' Boyfriend'

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According to the website Radar Online, Cynthia is pulling a Kenya this season - and conducting a "fake" relationship with her new man Will. And Kandi's the one who is snitching.

Here's what they're saying

Kandi Burruss called out Cynthia Bailey’s boyfriend, Will Jones, on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and a source claims to exclusively that their relationship was all for show! “No one signed an appearance release faster than Will,” a show insider says. “His motive was so clear!”

There's more:

Rumors were rampant that Jones was Bailey's "paid" boyfriend and the snitch admitted that wouldn't be a first for the ladies from the ATL. Kenya Moore paid Walter a few seasons ago to be her boyfriend. She paid him herself. But Bravo isn't paying Will. If he tapes the reunion show, then he'll get compensated for a new haircut and a suit. Cynthia could pay him herself if she wanted to.