HEARTWARMING: Woman Whose Father Was DEPORTED BY INS 10 Years Ago . . . Finds His Way BACK IN . . . To Attend Her College Graduation!!


A woman named Esther-Ayomide graduated this wee - and it was a VERY special day for her.

You see, apart from graduating from Morgan State University, Twitter user, Esther Ayomide also had another surprise waiting for her on her special day.

According to her, her dad who was deported to Nigeria when she was 8, showed up at her graduation and yes she did cry so much. Her tweet read;

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She said:

15 years ago my dad was handcuffed ans taken away from me. He was deported back to Nigeria. I thought i would NEVER see my dad. Yesterday I saw my dad my first time since i was 8. God made it so that he can see me walk across that stage. GOD I THANK YOU !!!! I cried so much