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47 Year Old Naomi Campbell Shows Off Her FLEXIBILITY . . . AMAZING!!


Supermodel Naomi Campbell is still at the top of her game. She still models for Fashion Week, she still walks the runway like a Queen, and her body is still amazing.

Now Naomi let her fans in on a little secret - her yoga regimen. Naomi has been a practitioner of yoga now for years. Not only has it helped her keep a youthful physique, but it's done wonders for her mentally. She's no longer the hot-head that she was when she was in her 30s.


And she's pretty good at yoga. Check out her flexibility.

She's 47 years old, and can still do this:

Despite being ridiculously limber, Naomi recently stunned people with a revelation, admitting: ‘I don’t know if I can walk [the runway] much longer, it’s been 32 years.'

The runway queen went on to discuss passing on the baton to her younger counterparts: ‘But it’s an honor to walk… I’d love for it to be carried on by the younger generation and for me to sit in the audience and watch.’

According to the Daily Mail: 

Naomi has been a fixture in the fashion industry since she was 16 when she graced the cover of Elle magazine in 1986. Over the decades, the supermodel has appeared on more than 500 covers of glossy magazines as well as working with fashion powerhouses from Chanel to Prada. The striking stunner was the first black model to grace the cover of TIME magazine, British Vogue, French Vogue and Russia Vogue.