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MTO BREAKING VIDEO: Self Proclaimed 'Black' Girl WOAH VICKY Just Got Jumped . . . By Men Saying . . . That She 'Disrespected Black Culture'!! (Video Of Her Injuries)

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Self-proclaimed Black girl Woah Vicky was attacked yesterday - by a group of men who thought she was "disrespecting Black culture."

According to Vicky, she and her two friends were attacked by the men and "jumped." Vicky called the police and authorities are investigating her claim.

Woah Vicky made homophobic claims towards her attackers in the video.

Here's what she had to say about it:

Here's the police video:

Woah Vicky rose to fame a few months black after claiming she is Black, despite her light skin and blondish hair. She said she took a DNA test to prove it.