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45-Year-Old Actress SANAA LATHAN Is Spotted LEAVING THE CLUB . . . Looking EXTRA FADED . . . And People Are Saying She's TOO OLD TO BE UP IN THE CLUB!! (Do You AGREE)

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Actress Sanaa Lathan is almost 45 years old, and still has a very ACTIVE social life. She's a grown woman, with plenty of money and no man or kids. So she enjoys her life.

Last night she was spotted at Hyde Lounge - a popular club in Los Angeles. She appeared to be drunk, high or both. But it's OK - they're BOTH legal in California.

Word on the curb is that Sanaa has been CURSED. Ever since she carried on a PUBLIC AFFAIR with actor Denzel Washington, her dating life has been in SHAMBLES. Pauletta prolly put some ROOTS on her or something.