YouTube Couple Comes UNDER FIRE . . . Makes DISTURBING VIDEO . . . Entitled 'WHAT ITS LIKE TO DATE BLACK GUY'!! (Wow . . . How Can He Let Her SAY THAT??)


There's a FIRESTORM on social media this morning - after a video began circulating. The video shows a popular YouTube couple describing what it's like to be in an interracial relationship.

But the video turns very DARK - and the woman in the video - Amanda - started making some very HURTFUL and racist remarks.

Watch her boyfriend's response - when she launches into a RACIST TIRADE - with him standing right there next to her.

Here's the video, from Twitter:

Chazz Xavier‏@baddxavier13h13 hours ago

This is so cringey. Look at his face

Chazz Xavier‏@baddxavier11h11 hours ago

White women really ain't sure what side they're on anymore. . .