MTO SHOCKER: Accused White GANG MEMBER Was Just Charged With MURDERING Unarmed BLACK Man . . . But They're Still Letting Him GO TO HIGH SCHOOL!!!


An 18-year-old accused GANG ASSASSIN named Cameron Terrell was arrested with two other teenagers in an October 1 shooting in South Los Angeles that left 21-year-old Justin Holmes dead.

According to police, Cameron and his accomplices confronted Justin and asked him where he's from.

Police say that Cameron and his friends SHOT and killed Justin, then Cameron drove the getaway car.

But being an accused GANG MEMBER AND MURDERER doesn't mean the same for EVERYONE. You see, Cameron is White - and as such - he gets special treatment. For example, Cameron is still attending Palos Verdes High School.

Two Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District officials confirmed to KTLA that Cameron was in class attending the high school, and was in class as recently as last week.

Palos Verdes school has more than 3,000 other students.