SHOCK INTERVIEW: Rapper Offset ALLEGEDLY Told Interviewer . . . That He Got Engaged To Cardi . . . Because 'SHE'S NOT BLACK'!! (Interview)


An interview that allegedly took place between Offset and a reported named "Bobby Jones" is causing a STIR online. Offset allegedly said some disparaging remarks - about Black women.

Here's how it's being reported online:

A YouTube video surfaced this week recapping an interview he did with a writer named Booby Jones titled “Color Of Love.” In it, the narrator claims that Offset said he proposed to his Dominican damsel Cardi B in part because she’s not black:

“[I proposed] because Cardi is real, she’s a good woman and she’s not African-American,” reads the quote.

Booby Jones then reportedly tells Offset that Cardi’s a woman of color to which the rapper reportedly replies,

“Yeah I know but her color ain’t black and that’s why I’m marrying her, THAT WAY.”

People are trying to determine whether the interview is real or fake.