MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS!! Meet The 13-Year-Old Girl . . . That Texas Shooter DEVIN KELLEY . . . Was MOLESTING!! ('He Took My Virginity . . . Forced Me To Take 'N*KED PICS')


Devin Kelley, the man who slaughtered over 26 churchgoers in Texas, had a very DISTURBED life. And now that he's in the spotlight - the BIZARRE details are coming out.

According to a new report from the UK's Daily Mirror, Devin forced a then-13-year-old girl to have a s*xual relationship with him.

Brittany Adcock says that Devin Kelley took her virginity when she was just 13 years old. The two met at a shopping center when Brittany was just 13, and he was legally an adult.

Shortly after they met, their relationship turned sexual. "It wasn't long after my 13th birthday but it didn't deter him despite him being a man," she said.

"Devin would beg to take pictures of me naked – to please him, I agreed."

Taking s*xual pictures of a 13 year old is considered child p_*ngraphy.