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SHOCK CRIME: 10 Year Old Girl . . . Was 'BULLIED TO DEATH' . . . By Some Of The Children At Her School


An 11 year old girl was bullied so badly, that she reportedly committed suicide. The family of a South Carolina girl who committed suicide says she shot herself because she was bullied.

Toni Rivers, 11, confided to friends before her death, saying that “she just couldn’t do this anymore, and she was going home, and she was killing herself,” the family told news station WTOC.

The sixth-grader reportedly returned home Oct. 25 from her Hampton County School District elementary school and shot herself.

Here's her story, Via the family's GoFundMe page:

Our hope is also raise enough funds to also help create ‘Toni’s Law’ to help protect our children

Toni was a beautiful, kind, and compassionate little girl. When the bullying began she didn’t want to burden her parents and lived the nightmare alone. This speaks volumes as to the kind of child she was! Once her mother

was made aware of the situation, she notified the people she trusted and thought would protect her child while she was in their care.

Our school system failed Toni. They’re failing all of our children. Toni’s family has lost a beautiful soul and the most infuriating part is that this could have been prevented.

We have to ban together to make sure we start protecting our children today. We have to fight for our children today.

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