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MTO SHOCK PICS: Nicki Minaj Got Her Butt EXTRA-INFLATED . . . So That Se Can Compete With CARDI B!! (If You Thought Her Butt Was BIG Before . . . )

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Nicki Minaj is doing ANYTHING to try and get her TOP SPOT back from Cardi B . . . now we're hearing that she went to the PLASTIC SURGEON for help.

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According to a number of ONLINE REPORTS Nicki Minaj got her butt INFLATED - in order to compete with her new competition.

We think it looks GOOD . . . but a bit strange.

Here's Nicki Now:

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As we know, Nicki understands you keep a close eye on those who would STEAL YOUR SPOT. She actually did a collab from Migos that features herself and Cardi B. The collab is "Motor Sport" and both rappers take a verse.