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SHOCK VIDEO: Mexican PRISON Gangs Are Beating Inmates On LIVESTREAM . . . And TAGGING Their Relatives . . . To Get Them To Pay Protection Money!! (Holy CRAP)

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In the below video, provided by relatives of the prisoners subjected to torture to extort them, an inmate is observed, dressed entirely in the orange uniform of the prison, on one side of the telephone booth. It is presumed that he has just concluded a call with his relatives to ask them to make a deposit in favor of "El Tatos."

Suddenly the same "Tatos" arrives, with a stick in his hand. The victim says: "Yes, they will do it, they will pay, they will make the deposit, Tatos, hold on," but without saying a word, the alleged perpetrator attacks the prisoner with blows, with the stick, until the latter breaks it, who takes advantage to grab the two pieces and use them as a weapon to savagely beat the young man of robust build, who at all costs tries to convince the subject to stop hitting.

But that does not happen, despite the fact that the victim falls to the floor; he continues to beat him, even two other inmates appear, alleged accomplices of "El Tatos," who also beat and kick against the young man, whom they tied up, then they hold one hand to hit him savagely with the stick, then the other.