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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We Have ALL The Details On GUCCI MANE'S Wife . . . Her 'SECRET' Kids . . . Her REAL Age . . . And PICS OF THE KIDS!!! (Find Out . . . Why She's 'HIDING' Her Kids)

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    Original: has been BOMBARDED with questions about Gucci Mane's new wife Keyshia K'aoir - and her "secret kids." There are rumors that she had kids that she "abandoned in Jamaica." Well we have the REAL TEA.

First off Keyshia spoke out about the "abandoned kid" rumor on Twitter. Here's what she said:

But that was a carefully written response. You see Keyshia definitely has THREE kids - but they're not in Jamaica. Now for our receipts.

Keyshia was asked specifically on The Real whether she has a "daughter" and she admitted that the answer was yes. Here's Keyshia's response:

And DESPITE what you've been hearing elsewhere - the kids ALL LIVE with Keyshia and Gucci Mane. The couple has been very PRIVATE about them and doesn't want them in the public eye.

But during their wedding special, they did capture a picture of Keyshia's son. Here is an image of her son - he appears to be in his teenage years.

The other two kids are younger, and while they WERE on camera - we were asked not to show they're faces because of their ages.

Now speaking about AGE. Keyshia Ka'oir claims to be 32 years old. But there are a bunch of people that believe that she is MUCH older - closer to 40. Here is a close-up pic of her face - you decide if she's really 32...