MTO EXCLUSIVE: R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Turned 36 YEARS OLD Yesterday . . . To Celebrate . . She Released Some Pretty GRAPHIC PICS!!!


Congrats to the beautiful Keyshia Cole - who turned 36 years old yesterday. She's looking like a GROWN AZZ WOMAN now. We love it.

Here are some recent pics:

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Hopefully the day was within incident. Just a few days before, Keyshia Cole got an earful from a cop who claimed she was making disparaging comments about him while he was just doing his job, according to TMZ.

The singer was leaving TAO in WeHo and her car was blocking traffic. A motorcycle cop laid on his horn to get Keyshia's driver to move, and that's when the name-calling began. The cop confronted Keyshia, who denied she said anything, but didn't deny something was said. That's when he gave her a piece of his mind.