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SHOCK VIDEO: Man Tries To INTERVENE . . . When He Sees A Man BEATING HIS GIRLFRIEND . . . And It Was A REALLY BAD IDEA!!! (Should He Have MINDED His Business??)

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A video taken by security cameras inside a popular Mexican nightclub captured a horrible crime. In the video, recorded on September 29 at four in the morning, a young man in a vest is observed arguing with a woman.

Israel Hernandez Garcia, who wears a white shirt, is sitting watching the scene and after a few minutes, decides to help the young woman.

Israel struggles with the aggressor, identified as Óscar, alias “El Negro”, who falls to the ground. Another young man hits him from the back.

When he gets up, “El Negro” pulls a gun and shoots him point-blank at Israel. The private security guard does not intervene, only asks him to withdraw.

According to the records of the State Attorney’s Office, the man who shot is the son of a woman who is detained for drug trafficking in a federal penitentiary and has links to a member of the “Los Beltrán Leyva” organization known as ” Abel Maya “.
Enrique Paredes, lawyer for the relatives of the young man killed, explained that the staff of the “Attico” manipulated the evidence.