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MTO Exclusive: District Attorney Closing Nelly Rape Case . . . Finding Him NOt GUILTY!! (Details)

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Last week rapper Nelly was arrested in Washington state after a 21 year old Blonde accused him of raping her on his tour bus after a concert.

Well Nelly is officially OFF the hook. Local reports say That the district attorney plans to close the investigation on Monday.

It turns out the woman is now saying she wants to ‘take back’ the Allegations.

According to reports the alleged victim has notified the Auburn Police Department and the Washington District Attorney's office that she will no longer be criminally pursuing the case, will not be cooperating with the investigation or testifying in court.

In a letter written by the victim's attorney and obtained by The Blast the accuser stands by her rape claims and blames her decision to drop the case on the Auburn Police Department for not protecting her privacy and not being able to handle the onslaught of negative press associated with a celebrity rape case.