4 Yr Old Brooklyn Boy THROWN OFF ROOF . . . Killed By DERANGED Brother!!

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A 4 year old boy from Brooklyn, NY was brutally murdered - thrown off the roof of a building, and the killer was his own older brother. 

Little Shimron Smith was found unconscious and unresponsive in a courtyard outside his apartment building in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police believe that Shimron's older, schizophrenic brother threw him off the roof of the New York apartment building.

Shimron died at the scene after the emergency services were called to the building in Brooklyn.

“I just killed my brother — I took my brother up to the roof and I threw him off,” Shawn Smith, 20, allegedly told officers before leading them to where his brother’s broken body lay twisted in a trash-strewn Midwood courtyard, sources told The Post.

Shawn was charged Saturday afternoon with his brother’s murder, which happened at 2:45 a.m., minutes after he allegedly led the boy up to the roof.

He had no prior criminal record or history of violence, police sources noted.

But he recently told his family that voices in his head were ordering him to do “something bad—” though he didn’t, or couldn’t, warn anyone what that might be, police sources said.

Police arrested Shimron's brother, Shawn who has a history of schizophrenia.

As Shawn was being arrested, he was seen LAUGHING and rapping lyrics to the cameras as he was taken off to jail.


Last admitted to Kings County Hospital in July for psychiatric treatment, Shawn had since stopped taking the medication prescribed to treat his schizophrenia, family members told cops.

“This was a chronic problem,” one police source said of Shawn’s mental illness.

Shawn and Shimron were the oldest and youngest children of Odessa Frith, who’d moved her family into the sixth-floor apartment in December from their native Guyana.

“Mom is screaming” neighbor and family friend Andrea Fergus answered when asked how Frith was holding up inside the 63rd Precinct hours after the tragedy.

“She’s got six kids,” Fergus said.

“She’s got one kid at the precinct and another one dead.”