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4 Minneapolis Cops Fired In Connection With George Floyd's Murder

Four Minneapolis cops have been fired following the leak of the video showing the graphic murder of unarmed Black man, George Floyd, who died after an officer kneed him in the neck until he suffocated to death.

It is reported that he died in hospital -- despite appearing motionless towards the end of the video after telling the officer numerous times that he could not breathe.

The incident is now being looked into by the FBI.

"I support your decisions, one hundred percent," said Mayor Jacob Frey, in a statement about the firing of the officers. "It is the right decision for our city. The right decision for our community, it is the right decision for the Minneapolis Police Department."

Frey also stated that the move used by the officer to detain Floyd was against regulation.

"The technique that was used is not permitted; is not a technique that our officers get trained in on," he said. "And our chief has been very clear on that piece. There is no reason to apply that kind of pressure with a knee to someone's neck."