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MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS: Rapper Gucci Mane Looks EXACTLY Like His Mama . . . Seriously . . . The Two Have The EXACT SAME FACE! (PICS)

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Rapper Gucci Mane is all over the news. He has an upcoming wedding, a new show on BET and a new autobiography out.

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We got ahold of a pic of Gucci's mama. And Gucci Mane looks like a spitting image of his mama.

The Autobiography of Gucci Mane is actually a New York Times bestseller. Here's how Publisher's Weekly describes it:

"East Atlanta hip-hop innovator Gucci Mane (né Radric Delantic Davis) delivers a tell-all of his checkered childhood and career. Born in rural Alabama to a drug-addicted hustler father and single mother, Gucci Mane began selling drugs by the seventh grade and rapping by age 14. Over the next two decades, he cycled through jail—including a three-year stint in federal prison—and rehabilitation facilities after numerous drug- and firearm-related offenses, and still released eight studio albums and dozens of mixtapes, formed his own record label, and worked with some of rap's top names."