DISGUSTING VIDEO: Charlotte Police SHOOT DOWN Unarmed Man . . Then The Same KILLER COP . . . Starts Playing With DEAD MAN'S KIDS!!!


On September 6, 2017, Charlotte-Mecklenburg cops executed 29-year-old Rueben Galindo who stood outside the Hunters Pointe Apartments on Prospect Drive in Charlotte with his hands raised. It was Rueben Galindo himself who called 911 and through an interpreter, told the dispatcher that he had a weapon which he wished to surrender to police.

During the phone conversation, Rueben Galindo repeatedly stated that while he had the weapon, he did not have any bullets. Still, he wished to surrender the weapon because that was the wish of his family and told the dispatcher that he’s calling so the officers could “help him." Well, they helped him, all right. The only way the cops help.

This is what happened when the police arrived on the scene:


Then the same cop that fired the DEATH SHOT - goes and grabs Rueben's son - and starts playing with the boy. How SICK!!