MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We've Got ALL THE TEA From Love And Hip Hop's REUNION . . . There Was A Lot Of VIOLENCE . . . And Someone Got BEATEN BLOODY!!!

Original: was IN THE BUILDING at the LOVE AND HIP HOP reunion - and it was a lot more VIOLENT than we can recall.

There were a lot of people yelling, and arguing - but when push came to shove . . . FOLKS STARTED SCRAPPING.

Two major fights happened - first it was between HAZEL E and MONIECE. The two started arguing and Hazel tried to fight MONEICE. Hazel missed - but Moneice seemed disoriented.

But the biggest fight - which ended up SHUTTING DOWN PRODUCTION was between Lazell and MissterRay. Lazell beat BLOOD out of that boy. He hit him with a VICIOUS TWO PIECE and split his eye open.

The beating was so bad that they STOPPED production and paramedics had to stitch him up.

Here's Lazell RANTING about the fight: