MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube Is Now A GRANDFATHER . . . And We Have The First Pics . . . Of His Son Oshea's NEW BABYS MAMA!!!


Around the time Straight Outta Compton was getting a lot of attention, we reported that O'Shea had a Caucasian girlfriend - who was caught on Twitter speaking badly about darker women.

The girl deleted her Twitter after that, but we found her Instagram (Jacque.lynn). On her Instagram is an old post she posted at the premiere of the movie, but nothing much after.

FAST FORWARD a few months ago, she popped up on my timeline pregnant as hell! When I saw that, I didn't think it was from him.

She hangs with Alycia Bellamy (Ty Dolla $'s ex-girl/ Frank Ocean's best friend) and crew; they have a lot of celeb connections. So I figured she found someone new. Come to find out today, it's his baby!

Well, unless she started dealing with someone with the SAME last name as him, but we doubt that. She erased all the pregnancy photos from Instagram and just started uploading "new mommy" pics. He hasn't posted anything lol of course...